Who am I?

Hey there, welcome on XVRC! I’m Xavier Coiffard, I’ve been a developer for almost 15 years now. I started my career as a freelancer. I enter the startup ecosystem in 2016 by joining a startup accelerator as a CTO of a Fintech startup. I’ve been both employee or co-founder of several startups and I’m now solo, building products on my own.

I’m now based in a small island in the West Indies called Martinique.

What’s XVRC?

XVRC is a startup studio, I create, launch and grow several products. Most of them are tools or solution that helps creators or founders to distribute their startup and grow their audience. Most of my products are made solo, but I also have some partnership for some of them.

The core skills of XVRC are development, marketing and strategy.

If you want to see the whole list of products made by XVRC, you should check the homepage.

Follow me

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If you want to work with me, shoot me an email at hi(at)xvrc.net